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Updated on Nov 7, 2023
Who made Ruo Yu?
Made by Ding Yu from Tokyo with love ❤️
Is the API interface used by Ruo Yu the official one from OpenAI?
Yes, without a doubt.
Is Ruo Yu using GPT-3 or 4?
Ruo Yu offers both. Free trial users can try out GPT-3.5, while paid users can choose from GPT-3.5 or 4.
GPT-3.5 vs GPT-4?

From OpenAI:

Does Ruo Yu support continuous dialogue (context)?
What is cat food?

The cat food provided in each package serves as a resource for answering your questions. Every time Ruo Yu responds to your queries, it consumes a portion of the cat food.

If the cat food in the package runs out, you have two options: wait until the next billing cycle when your usage will be reset (check billing cycle), or purchase additional cat food separately to continue using the service immediately.

Unused cat food within the current billing cycle will not carry over to the next cycle.

Can I ask for a refund?

For GPT-3.5/4 plans, within 7 days of the purchase, a full refund can be applied for without giving a reason. Each person can only get a refund once, and when applying for a refund, the amount of cat food used cannot exceed 10% of the package (for the GPT-4 plan, either GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 cat food usage cannot exceed this number).

To get a refund, send a mail to

The additional cat food cannot be refunded after purchase.
Can I see your development roadmap?
Please check out Backyard.
I have other questions. How can I contact you?
Send an email to