The database migration is complete and now the database speed is 10x faster than before! Generating answers is much quicker.(29 Aug)


Here is the roadmap. Tell me what you think in the Feedback.
Updated on 2023-08-12
Export Chat History
DevelopingThe current chat interface only displays the latest 100 messages by default. This planned feature will allow you to export all chat logs.
Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
DevelopingProvide a clear and transparent Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Pay-as-you-go Plan
PlanningSome said they cannot finish the cat food within the expiry date of the package. Therefore, I am considering offering a package with no time limit (or a very long expiry date) and payment based on the amount used.
Keyboard Shortcuts
PlanningFor example, press Ctrl + Enter on Windows or + Enter on Mac to send a message.
PlanningSend your questions to Ruo Yu via Emails and get replies directly in your mailbox.
GPT-4 32K
PlanningCompared to Ruo Yu's existing GPT-4 service, GPT-4 32K can process or generate text that is four times longer, making it especially suitable for analyzing or generating large pieces of content.


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