Tried to resolve the issue of Ruo Yu being unable to function properly in certain areas due to network firewalls. Tell me how is it now.2024-02-18


Here is the roadmap. Tell me what you think in the Feedback.
Updated on 2023-08-12
Export Chat History
DevelopingThe current chat interface only displays the latest 100 messages by default. This planned feature will allow you to export all chat logs.
Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
DevelopingProvide a clear and transparent Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Pay-as-you-go Plan
PlanningSome said they cannot finish the cat food within the expiry date of the package. Therefore, I am considering offering a package with no time limit (or a very long expiry date) and payment based on the amount used.
Keyboard Shortcuts
PlanningFor example, press Ctrl + Enter on Windows or + Enter on Mac to send a message.
PlanningSend your questions to Ruo Yu via Emails and get replies directly in your mailbox.
GPT-4 32K
PlanningCompared to Ruo Yu's existing GPT-4 service, GPT-4 32K can process or generate text that is four times longer, making it especially suitable for analyzing or generating large pieces of content.


News and updates about Ruo Yu.
Ruo Yu now uses GPT-4!
Ruo Yu downgraded to GPT-3.5 from GPT-4, because it's too expensive
Now you can change your password. Of course, your password is stored after being encrypted. So feel safe.
Want to learn how to boost your productivity with Ruo Yu? Read this.
Now you can copy the chat message to clipboard in one click and see your usage in the new UI.
New no-questions-asked, 7-day refund policy for the GPT-4 paid plan.
New GPT-3.5 paid plan with half the price of GPT-4, 2x cat foods, and the same no-questions-asked, 7-day refund policy.
Learn about Ruo Yu's development roadmap and send your feedback at the new Backyard.
Now support context (continuous conversation). Enable in Account.
Free upgrade to all paid users: GPT-3.5 cat food x2, which is also included for free in GPT-4. Now you can pay with Alipay & WeChat Pay. New homepage, account and navigation design.
Markdown is now supported. The roadmap has also been updated.
Ruo Yu now streams the chat response word by word, just like ChatGPT.
Ruo Yu is currently very slow, often unresponsive. Working on it.
Service is fully restored, the slow speed issue that occurred approximately 4 hours ago has been resolved. The specific reason is yet to be confirmed.
Received feedback that occasionally the answer cannot be generated, currently resolving as the first priority.
For occasional questions where answers couldn't be generated: Today, two related faults were identified and fixed. I'll continue to investigate if there are any other possible causes.
The problem of occasionally not being able to generate an answer has basically been solved! Now working on the translation feature (learn progress from this tweet).
Use GPT-3.5/4 for free with Signposts program.
Now you can translate using GPT in a friendly UI. You can even translate your Word documents.
I have improved Translation: Previously, GPT occasionally completed the content you wanted to translate instead of translating it, but now this issue no longer exists.
Translation improved again, mainly to prevent GPT from outputting unrelated content. Additionally, occasional issues where answers couldn't be returned in Chat have been fixed.
On August 29th, between 11-12 am Beijing time, Ruoyu will temporarily go offline and migrate the database in order to improve the speed of generating answers.
The database migration is complete and now the database speed is 10x faster than before! Generating answers is much quicker.
On Oct 4th, between 8-9 am Beijing time, Ruo Yu will temporarily go offline and migrate to the new server in order to improve the speed.
Server moved: ⛩️ Tokyo -> 🀄 Hong Kong. Tell me what you think!
Translate added translations history. Backyard added news.
Ruo Yu now supports the latest GPT-3.5 Turbo 16K and GPT-4 Turbo 128K models released by OpenAI just today! It's a free upgrade to all users. GPT-4 users also get 2X cat food for free.
OpenAI's latest models (gpt-3.5-turbo-0125 and gpt-4-0125-preview) are now available!
Tried to resolve the issue of Ruo Yu being unable to function properly in certain areas due to network firewalls. Tell me how is it now.


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